The Run India Team

Samantha Gash is set to undertake a huge challenge in running 3800km across India, and she couldn't do it without an incredible team. Meet some of the people who will motivate, inspire and support Samantha as she pushes herself to go the distance.

Core Crew

Steve Young The eyes and ears that will capture on video everything that happens. From the highs and lows of the run, to the vast landscape, to the individual stories that are so often untold, to everything in between.
Arvind Singh The connector between the Run India expedition team to the people in India
Kamal Jeet The on-the-ground logistical and administrative support

Support Crew

Lyndon Marceau The man behind the lense from the desert in Jaisalmer to the mountains of Nainital
Ross Kinsella The sports physiotherapist and organized crew member that will keep Samantha moving forward and the team in sync for the first five weeks of Run India.
Millie Pike The paramedic who will combine her medical and development experience.
Cassandra Gash The supportive sister of Samantha who will put her project management hat on and running abilities to the test from Varanasi to the hill station of Shillong.
Andy Turner The legs that will join Samantha for long running days between Jaipur and Sariska National Park.
Heath Evans The World Vision Project Manager that will facilitate the community visits between Delhi to Kanpur.
Owen Jones The medical support and mountain legs that will push Samantha to the foothills of the Himalayas.
Jenine Roostan The cook that will keep the teams belly nourished from Delhi to Lucknow.
Nick Roostan The Run India Youth Ambassador who will share his unique experiences as a crew member across all social platforms.
Matt Wood The Brit who combines his massage, photographer, crewing and pacing skills.
Nikki Kimball The world class endurance athlete and physical therapist from the United States who will run with Samantha during a challenging section of the route.
Mathieu Dore The multitalented 'The Garage' and Nike coach who will know how to deal with the challenges associated with expedition running. Mat was the Head Crew of Samantha's Freedom Runners project across South Africa.
Nic Davidson The photographer and skilled crew member who accompanied Samantha on her first adventure to India in 2011.
Kate Hall The yoga teacher who will not only provide the soft skills when it comes to crewing but her past life as a chef will be appreciated by all of the team.
Bruce Viaene The South African photographer whose experience in adventure racing photography will prepare him well for the final few weeks of Run India.

Project Supporters

Kongo UX Design & Development
Five by Five PR & Media
Nicholls Steyn and Associates Security
Ray Zahab Running Coach
Sunil Baxi Indian Media & Community Consultant
Raj Vadgama / Xtreme Sports Indian Sports Consultant
Samuel Kenny Graphic Design
Freedom Sport Medicine Sports Medicine
Christ De Kesel Audio
Adventure Works Africa Route Logistics
Peak Sport Management Logistics
Liz and Anthony Phillips $20,000 Donation