All money raised by Run India will support six World Vision Area Development Projects, located in North-West Delhi, Kanpur, Jaipur, Barmer, Hardoi and Pauri. These projects are tackling challenges including malnutrition, child-protection, and access to clean water - some of the barriers to education for children in India.

Impact Calculator

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  • $25
    $25 could help two children in India grow up healthy and educated in readiness for school, for one year.
  • $50
    $50 could help better equip teachers and parents to provide four children with access to quality education in India for one year.
  • $100
    $100 could help distribute learning materials so nine children have good/strong resources from which to learn in India for one year.
  • $200
    $200 could help improve essential infrastructure in schools and communities like the provision of hand washing facilities and disabled access for 19 children in India for one
  • $1000
    $1000 could help 95 children improve their education standards in communities across India for one year.