Run India would not be possible without a wide range of partners coming together as a team to make meaningful change for children in India. Get to know our partners and how they are helping Sam to take on the Run India challenge.

World Vision Australia

We're proud to be partnering with Samantha on this incredible journey, visiting communities we work with throughout India. World Vision Australia provides support for some of the world's most vulnerable children and communities through relief, development and advocacy activities. Samantha's commitment and passion for changing the lives of others is inspiring. We look forward to sharing the journey with the teams who join the Run India Challenge to raise funds for education. We can all work towards ending child poverty, no target is too difficult to achieve when we have determination, passion and work together to achieve our goal.

Nike Run Club

Nike+ Run Club is proud to be supporting Sam as she embarks on the most epic of journeys, to Run India. At NRC our ethos is 'every run has a purpose' and this is never more true than in this moment.

As a global community of runners we know the power running has to change the lives of people across the world. We believe as a runner you can achieve anything you commit to and for Sam this achievement will prove there is even more for runners to push towards. Because running is not just an individual pursuit, it's for the greater benefit of all.

Run for change. Run for education.

World Vision India

We at World Vision India look forward to welcoming Samantha as she visits 22 communities we work with throughout India. Our team will give Samantha the opportunity to learn more about the barriers to education for children. Run India Challenge allows us to share the work we are doing to so many people who also want to make a change to the lives of children in India.

World Vision India will support Samantha on the ground as she navigates through our diverse and incredible country. Samantha will share the stories of the people she meets and learn more about their lives, inspiring us all to work towards something bigger than ourselves.


Samantha's journey began with a Polar, when she completed her first marathon wearing one of our watches. Eight years on and we're proud to be powering her as she takes on her biggest challenge yet - the first-ever Run India!

There's no-one better equipped to put our products to the test, and we can't wait to share this journey with you every step of the way, delivering the highs and lows with an accuracy that only our products can deliver.

Join the challenge and track your journey with Polar. Like Samantha you never know where that first challenge may take you - #discoveryourfirsts.

Run for change. Run for education.

Blue Illusion

At Blue Illusion we pride ourselves on driving change whilst embracing the heart and soul of communities, which is why we are proud to support the Run India project.

Every moment of every day, we feel inspired to 'be the change you want to see' by thinking global yet acting locally. We have been inspired by the spirit and strength of Samantha Gash and World Vision to make a real difference to the communities of India.

Together let's make a real difference regarding the happiness, health and well-being, family and career within communities across the world.

Dr Cool

Samantha's dream is to change the world through her footsteps, and our role is to make sure she can do this every single day!

From the blistering heat of the deserts, to the brutal pounding of the pavement, our products will ensure Sam can recover and lead this incredible movement. Join the challenge, grab your orange towel, and give these children a chance to dream. Run for change. Run for education.

The Outdoor Journal

The Outdoor Journal is an international active lifestyle and adventure magazine with a mission to provide the highest quality multimedia content by those who pursue a life of outdoor sports, travel, fitness and health, nature and wilderness.

Samantha Gash has run across some of the most extreme and inhospitable environments in the world. Her spirit is unwavering.

We are proud to be partnering with Samantha and look forward to narrating stories around this epic journey, inspiring more of us to adopt similar pursuits.


At Genpact, our key focus in CSR across the world is on education, by thinking about how we can help create equal opportunities for all. Samantha Gash's run across India is a beautiful testament to the power of determination and how it can lead transformation in education. Running with Samantha on September 3, over 200 Genpact volunteers got to experience the joy in running for a cause bigger than them. We wish Samantha the very best in her journey and are certain that Run India will go a long way in ensuring every child in India has access to education.

Phillips Coaching Services

The Phillips Foundation continues to financially and practically support synergetic projects to educate disadvantaged kids around the world. We love to team up with World Vision for yet another great cause, supporting Sam Gash with her amazing feat to run across India.

Tom and Anthony Phillips will run part of the Kanpur leg and visit disadvantaged communities in Kanpur region in September/October 2016. We are passionate and committed to making kids shine with our support and work. We believe education changes lives.