Week 2 of Run India

What a week! Week 2 has been a big one, with A LOT of kilometres covered in the scorching Indian sun. Week 2 has been a period of adjustment, with its fair share of challenges as well as some amazing moments of reflection along the way.

I have had my good friend, Andy arrive and run with me this week. I had a vehicle pick him up at Jaipur airport and drive him eight hours to the side of the road where we were staying that night. Cannot imagine what that would have been like for him, but he took it like a trooper. To have someone experience every step with me has been so beneficial - I can't thank Andy enough for taking time out of his life to come and run with me. His emotional and physical support has certainly got me through some tough moments this week. He trains with me at home and knows me well - when to push me through as well as when I need to slow things down. For everything this week has thrown at me I am not sure I would have survived the way I did if he wasn't here.

I have had more than the run to deal with again this week, which makes the process of recovery close to impossible. There are so many logistics, communication issues and mistakes in translation that arise while running across a foreign country. Things crop up on a daily basis that I would never have expected, such as the need for a third vehicle to check the route up ahead; pick up supplies and provide additional security. For the first part of the week we were running on dirt roads that had vehicles go every which direction. For the later part of the week we have been on incredibly busy and noisy highways.

All of these logistical issues; challenging sleep in our campervan, the actual run along with the heat has taken a toll on my body. As a result I have had some minor medical concerns but with the help of Millie, my paramedic from Sitemed and Ross, my physiotherapist from Freedom Sports Medicine I have been recovering reasonably well each day.

By the end of the week I had to really listen to my body and made the decision to cut one day a little short, to recover and ensure I would be healthy and able to complete this amazing project that I am so desperate to achieve. I'm really glad I made this decision and am feeling significantly better because of it. Basically, my body had been running at such a high intensity in extreme heat for 10 days straight and was finding it hard to process the fluids and food I was consuming. Due to this, I was feeling lethargic, unwell, bloated and had abdominal pain. With rest, constant cooling of my core temperature, rehydration and decreasing my heart rate for a longer period of time I have recovered well and am expecting this improvement to continue in the next few days.

My whole team - Indian and Australian have been working around the clock supporting me and although they don't do all the kilometres with me, they also experience their own highs and lows. We have a lot to look forward to and regularly have to pinch ourselves to believe what we are experiencing everyday.

We are moving onto Jaipur today - with that comes community visits AND my much needed first 2 days off from running since we begun on 22nd August! I am very much looking forward to visiting the communities to recharge my mind and to again reflect and appreciate why I am here. My team and I all love these visits; it makes every hard step and moment worth it. After today, I am ready to reset my body, rest, recover and start next week with fresh legs and a full heart after my weekend in Jaipur.