Helpful apps to make your Run India fundraising post stand out

Fundraising can be daunting and seem like a challenge in itself. We want to help you by providing you with some tips for making your Run India posts look great. There are some wonderful apps out there to enhance your images and to make a real impact on your social media feeds.

If you've got any great ideas or tips for making your fundraising messaging stand out, please do let us know over on our social media channels.

Our first fundraising stop is always online tools and now we shall share with you some of the great apps our supporters are using to make engaging, creative and dynamic images! We wish you a very successful fundraising campaign,

Watermark app

Build your brand, while protecting your photos online! Watermark with your own signature. Simply take a picture of your signature and apply.

We've got in our resources folder on Everyday Hero our Run India and World Vision Australia logo that you can use to place as a watermark over your photos. This gives your images the extra element and shows you are part of the campaign. The image can speak for itself with a neat little watermark providing the context.


Ever wondered how people make those groovy text images or cool quote photos? They may be using Fonta!

Fonta is a Little Design Studio that allows you to create unique images with special effects.Add Text Behind a Photo, Masking (Put your photos inside text), Collage, Frames, Vintage Filters, Color Layers, Artworks, 3D Geometric Shapes, Blur Effect,
Various Font Style, Chat pack & More...

Get creative with your images. Perhaps you want to place an inspiration or motivation quote on your own image. You could even write your reason for being a part of Run India. You can use filters, text and icons to make your photo say so much more. Use the #tags on your photos like we have to remind people what you are fundraising and running for.

Word swag

Easily generate beautiful type designs for your pics.

We like Word Swag for making neat, clean and stand out images with basic text. It's a way to share your fundraising or motivation message. It also looks nice to mix up your social media accounts instead of always just posting pictures. Have fun with your words and share your message of why you're taking part in #RunIndia.

Pic Frames

Pic Frames helps you to combine multiple photos to amazing looking frames. It supports plenty of beautiful frames and also photo effects.

Pic Frames is a great app for making your training and #RunIndia experience into a collage. Sometimes one image just doesn't show the environment or the feelings of your journey. You can also include a picture of your Strava or MapMyFitness download to show how far you went on your run or walk. It's another great way to tell the story of your challenge and engage your fundraisers to show them how dedicated you are to the cause.


Of course there is also Instagram!

Share your photos of your training and fundraising, telling your story through imagery. You can use all of the different apps we've talked about above to make your pictures stand out and for people to understand the message of why you're taking part in Run India and what it means to you.

Don't forget to tag #RunIndia and #Howfarwillyougo in the text porting of your social media posts. We want to share in your journey and we hope to be sharing many of your posts with all of our other Run India participants.

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