Crowdsourcing KM's

It's been a tough week for Sam, with the toll of over 700km in less than 15 days certainly starting to show, but it's also a chance to remember that this isn't just about one person running, it's about people coming together to run for change which is what makes this such an amazing journey.

Photo Credit: Lyndon Marceau/ Marceau Photography

Sam was unable to complete 30km of her run this week due to injury so had come with a unique idea to present to the group of runners who would greet her at 3am the next morning - she was essentially crowdsourcing her kms. Something she hadn't thought of doing prior to this point, but this run is not a record and if she can get help by a local runner it actually makes the running part of this project make more sense to the purpose of the project.

As she met the 30 runners with only partial light illuminating the group, she presented her case explaining the medical challenges she had faced over the past few days. Many of them had known of them as they had been following her story over Instagram. She asked if anyone would go back to the point she had stopped and complete the 30km she had been unable to do the day before - even offering a watch to a brave soul who would consider this.

Photo Credit: Lyndon Marceau/ Marceau Photography

As the group looked around, one man stepped forward and announced "I would be honoured to do this. I'm not doing it for the watch, but I believe in the run so I will do this." Promptly another man also agreed to accompany him and a huge cheer rose up from the crowd.

As we set off on the 21km run for the day, Sam had a chance to join the first man who presented a striking appearance not because of the clothes he was wearing, but rather those he wasn't - he had chosen to run without shoes - which amongst some running circles has gained some credibility but is certainly only one for the brave.

The pair chatted and then eventually Sam tracked down the other man as well and thanked him for taking up this challenge on her behalf.

These were two men, with vastly different stories, but one shared belief - that this run can make a difference and neither man hesitated to step up and make their footsteps count.

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