A little run with a big impact

There's certain moments in this project that remind the team that they are certainly not alone on this mission, and the visit to Jaipur was certainly one.

When Sam was contacted by the running community to take part in a social run, she never anticipated the incredible event that took place on Saturday.

Arising at 3am, she was greeted by a small group of runners (around 30) who'd gathered to take part in a 21km run around Jaipur, however it was not until the event arrived at Genpact that it reached a crescendo, with over 300 staff bursting with energy and excitement to join the final 5km of this event and share in the celebration.

Photo Credit: Lyndon Marceau/ Marceau Photography

It wasn't about running, or winning, it was about coming together as a community to have a go. As Sam released balloons into the air to symbolise the beginning of the run, there was shrills of excitement as the masses began moving, many walking, many laughing, and all with a shared purpose of supporting their community and making a difference.

There were selfies galore that continued long after the event as we entered the Genpact offices, for what had been described as refreshments but was actually a spectacular celebration hoisted in a beautiful garden square with food stations, games, and of course their very own selfie board!

Photo Credit: Lyndon Marceau/ Marceau Photography

We were excited to see our friend we'd met at the beginning of the day who's agreed to run the 30km for Sam, was the MC for the event and as he revved up the crowd it was clear he was a bit of a home-town hero amongst their office as well.

Photo Credit: Lyndon Marceau/ Marceau Photography

Sam shared her story and purpose, and explained how we got here, but they already got it. They knew the purpose and shared the vision; wanting to support the community they live in, and on Sunday one of their CSR leaders Sarita joined us at the World Vision Area Development Project in Jaipur to see just how powerful their impact would be.

We are so grateful to have partners like Genpact who've backed this campaign, and not only done so with their words and generosity, but also now with their footsteps. This event saw people from all walks of life, from the running community to a large corporate partners with a passionate staff community - but what brought them all together was a shared purpose. A belief that together we can make a difference.

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