About Run India

On 22 August Samantha Gash will begin a 3800km run across India. Samantha has partnered with World Vision to visit the communities they work with across India along the way. She will learn first-hand about the challenges they face, as well as sharing the stories of success that are providing hope for their future.

Samantha, an endurance athlete from Melbourne and passionate advocate for social change, will be running from one of the driest deserts on earth (Jaisalmer, Rajasthan) and ending the run in the wettest place on earth (Mawsynram, Meghalaya).

Supporters can share in the journey by joining Sam in moving for social change. Whether it's running, walking or shuffling, you can be a part of Run India with every step you take. Creating a team, tracking the distance you travel at home and engaging with live content updates from India along the way.

The Cause

A quality education can be the foundation that helps young people around the world achieve their dreams. From literacy and numeracy to essential life skills, education equips children with the tools they need to make positive life choices, advocate for their rights and support themselves and their families. Education is also a fundamental human right - one that too many children don’t get to enjoy.

The barriers that prevent children from accessing - and completing - a quality education are complex. Through Run India, you can join Sam as she delves deeper into the challenges facing Indian communities today - and witness incredible stories of change. Sam will be visiting 18 World Vision’s Area Development Projects across India and sharing the stories of people she meets in these communities. Tackling issues such as malnutrition, access to appropriate water and sanitation, early marriage and gender bias. These projects demonstrate World Vision’s holistic approach to community development and commitment to ensuring that all children can access the education they deserve.

The funds you raise through Run India will support six World Vision projects across India. You will be part of a movement that transforms lives through the power of education.

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How Far Will You Go?

Challenge your team to run the distance alongside Samantha’s journey and raise funds for the communities she visits.

Join the Run India Challenge and push yourself to go further than you ever have before - for a cause bigger than yourself. Simply join a team or create your own and decide together how far you will go.